What Our Customers Are Saying

“This store alone makes Sacramento my favorite place to visit. It's great for fun original gifts for your friends and family. Whenever I come to town I spend hours here! I'll never forget the lunchbox I got for my friend that pictured a nun hitting a Catholic school boy with a ruler!”

- Yahoo User 11/04

“I absolutely LOVED Evangeline's! It is such a fun place to buy jokes, costumes, pranks etc… The kids also LOVED it! I'd definitely recommend it to anyone shopping in Old Sacramento!”

- Yahoo User 2/07

“The collection of Betty Boop memorabilia is fantastic!! They have trinkets, clothing, jewelry, purses, books… just everything!! There are different “themes” all over the store… worth the visit for sure!! Oh, and the prices are oh so inexpensive!”

- Yahoo User 1/07

“I live in the Sacramento area. I am usually very busy, but when I do get the opportunity to go to the Downtown area Evangeline's is the store I hit first. If I need to find a gag gift, this is the perfect place. I can even find memorabilia from movies including the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. I always take my out of town house guests to this store.”

- Yahoo User 12/06

“Looking for the unique, abstract or unusual? Evangeline's is the place. Need a good gag gift, joke or rubber chicken? Look no further! Need a costume? There really is NO better place in Northern California!”

- Yahoo User 11/06

“I really liked the variety of things Evangeline's has. They have candles, jewelry, costumes, candy, toys and so much more. It is a really cool store for all ages.”

- Yahoo User 11/05

“Perhaps the most popular store in Old Sacramento is Evangeline's. Tucked in among the many downtown shops and boutiques, it is an offbeat and fun place to shop, or even just look around. Many locals would say it is the place to go. Evangeline's has novelty items (think wacky) gifts (think unusual), and a second floor solely devoted to Halloween costumes, making it an especially busy place in October. There's also a third floor offering "vintage" items.”

- tripadvisor.com

One of the most popular stores in Old Sacramento, every square inch of this store is packed with the most outrageous gag gifts, novelties, crazy greeting cards, costumes and, most of all, laughing shoppers. The entire second floor is dedicated to Halloween costumes. Nostalgia fans will find Hollywood, TV stars, shows, and film memorabilia. Words used to describe Evangeline's have included naughty, zany, amazing, delightful, silly, and "you must be kidding".

- americanairlines.com

“Evangeline's is a dream stop for pranksters, office party planners, nostalgia and popular culture enthusiasts or just about anybody who is looking for a gift for the person who has everything.”

- Sacramento Bee, February 1995, article by Mark Glover